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“Why do I need architects, consultants or professional contractors?”

Undertaking a construction project can be stressful at the best of times. What initially begins as a wonderful idea,  can very quickly descend into a chaotic, stressful and unnervingly expensive period of your life. It is common for clients, in particular domestic clients, to convince themselves that they can successfully juggle a constructionstress project with their day-to-day life. Some can. However the vast majority cannot.

We run construction projects all day everyday and believe us when we say that it is not as straight forward as it often looks. The construction industry is volatile. The best made plans are often “thrown out of the window” as unforeseen issues “throw themselves in”. Experience in potential issues is imperative to ‘de-risk’ a project, as is the experience in tackling the ones that do arise.

The value and expertise that a professional construction team can bring to a project is often passed off as an unnecessary expense. There are many pitfalls throughout the duration of a construction project and the correct team of professionals will guide you between and around them, ensuring you get value for money, quality workmanship and ultimately the end product to meet your requirements.

Here at AS Built Limited, we can give you that helping hand. Whether it be exploring the initial feasibility of a project or development, or undertaking the construction, our services cover the whole spectrum from conception to completion.

In addition to undertaking the construction side of your project or development, we can also offer the following services: –

  • Pre-application consultation
  • Outline planning permission
  • Full planning permission
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost planning
  • Building regulation design and approval
  • Listed building regulation approval
  • Mechanical and electrical design
  • Groundworks and drainage design

We provide a friendly and professional service based on trust, quality and affordability.

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