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Forward thinking with Hopeflow®

We are currently involved with an interesting project for a local client in Nottinghamshire.

The works briefly comprise the construction of a new steel framed building, along with increasing the height of one of the existing steel buildings. The buildings have been designed to take their new waste processing plant and machinery required for their day-to-day activities. The steel buildings will then be clad with insulated roof and wall cladding and associated windows and doors.

As part of the works, we were required to install a new floor slab to the new building. Following various discussions with the client and principal designer, it was decided to pour the new floor slab using HOPEFlow® as designed by Hope Construction Materials.

This concrete has excellent self consolidation properties and is self leveling to a certain extent. It saves both time and money by allowing us to pour much quicker, more accurately and produces a finish to match the best screeds on the market without the need for extensive powerfloating. The increase in price over traditional concrete pours is far outweighed by the benefits of the system in terms of efficiency, finish quality and overall expense. You can read more about the future of concrete here:


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